About Us
Guotai Junan Securities (Macau) Company Limited (“GTJA Macau”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guotai Junan International (“GTJAI”,Stock Code: 1788.HK). On 6 March 2023, GTJA Macau was established in accordance with the Executive Order No. 10/2023 by the Chief Executive of Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (“Macau”). The legal procedure of business registration was also completed at Conservatória dos Registos Comercial e de Bens Móveis (CRCBM) on 16 March 2023.

GTJA Macau offers global securities trading, wealth management and a range of financial products permitted by the law of Macau to our clients. By focusing on the global market and financial instruments, we help you base yourself on the present and look forward to the future.

GTJA Macau devotedly seizes foremost opportunities including the upgrade of the Connectivity Mechanism 2.0 and the construction of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone. Not only does GTJA Macau grasps the key theme of the construction of Macau's modern financial system firmly, but also integrates fully into the coordinated development of the service area, and explores cross-border financial product and business innovation. All these steer us to take part more dynamically in development of modern financial system while providing a wide range of financial services to the residents, corporate and institutional clients in Macau which in turn contribute to add force to the international competitiveness and the overall capital market development of China.
Keeping integrity in mind is the foundation of all communications. We always build our long-term reputation and brand strength upon the utmost ethical standards and integrity.
Our clients' trust in Guotai Junan Macau comes from long-term cooperation. We regard clients' requests as our mission and the top priority of the Company's development at all stages.
To treat people with amicability and harmony is an excellent tradition in Chinese culture. We not only advocate active team communications and collaborations, but also hope to bring this positive energy to all of our clients, shareholders and stakeholders, to create a more harmonious and effective society.
We have a team of high-quality financial talents with global insight, who are not only familiar with and equipped with professional knowledge in various markets, but also committed and dedicated to their everyday work.
Innovation is our growth driver, and has been integrated into our wide development perspectives. Our innovation is based on tradition and reality, but we still seek for a breakthrough and will never be satisfied with the status quo. Only by this way can we truly capture the fruitful results brought by innovation.